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I hereby declare March Titian Beresford month. Titian Beresford is an author who wrote Femdom erotica in the early 1990s. He is probably best known for writing the books "Nina Foxton" and "Judith Boston". My tattered copies of these two paperbacks are now worth far more than their $4.95 cover price, or would be if I hadn't read them in the bath so often!

Here are excerpts from a review of Nina Foxton posted on

"This is without a doubt the best piece of erotic literature I have read…

The story revolves around a clever, seductive and amazing woman named Nina Foxton. We follow Nina as she narrates the story, finding erotic pleasure in turning every place she visits or stays into her own dominion, liberating the resident females from their oppression by Victorian society. She does everything from spanking her male servants when they won't obey her, to helping friends discipline an unfaithful husband to arranging a strange sort of race in which the women of the house saddle their males and ride them around the courtyard. (you can imagine what Nina has them tie the reins to! ;))

If you love to see men fall at the feet of a beautiful, clever dominatrix and love to read beautiful, sexy descriptions of fetish-filled relations, get this book. But don't hold me responsible if it drives you wild!"

Another satisfied customer has this to say:

"All of Titian Beresford's books hit the spot for submissive male fans of female domination, but this one takes the cake! I jerked off 5 times a day for a month when I bought this book. I came like a volcano over and over again. I'd love to meet a real life Nina Foxton and be her squirmy little happy jerk off monkey slave forever!"

Though the backdrops of the two books are different (Victorian England vs. modern times) the characters portrayed in them are quite similar. Nina Foxton is a Victorian aristocrat who delights in making men fall helplessly under her spell. She is beautiful, wickedly intelligent and especially enjoys “taking matters into her own hands”. Nina is a supremely accomplished Masturbatrix. All male creatures, from the humblest servant to members of the landed gentry drop their pants and submit to Nina’s expert manipulations. Often these manipulations are accompanied by oral worship. Nina’s helpless subjects lick between her toes or attend to more intimate parts of her anatomy while she keeps them on the brink of orgasm.

Ms. Foxton greatly enjoys subjecting males to corporal punishment. Her mansion boasts a lavish punishment chamber that includes ornate bondage gear, an array of corporal punishment instruments and peepholes for the casual observer. Her maids are recruited to join in the fun and they take great pleasure in ruling over the male species at Nina’s precise direction. Written in the style of “The Pearl” and other works of Victorian erotica “Nina Foxton” is full of group scenes featuring multiple characters pleasuring each other simultaneously. If you can get past some of the purple prose without laughing it is a very stimulating read and definitely worth checking out.

While I quite enjoyed Nina Foxton, my personal favorite of the two books is “Judith Boston”. Ms. Boston is very similar to Nina Foxton; a young, stunningly beautiful, siren who enjoys having men fall at her feet. Judith is hired to mentor Edward, a college boy who has grown up in a strictly religious household. He is too shy to have had any relationships with the opposite sex and was forbidden even to masturbate by his strict overbearing father. If dad did not want his son to have sexual experiences he certainly erred in placing him under Ms. Boston’s charge!

On a train trip to the ominous sounding Rothesay academy Ms. Boston and Ronnie, her beautiful cohort have their way with Edward; placing him in bondage, strapping him, caning him and repeatedly masturbating him just short of release. If Edward comes he will be punished. If not he will be denied the release of orgasm; a delightful predicament. Ms. Boston carries all manner of deviant toys in her luggage including something called an “enema harness” and a device called a “gentile governor”.

Luckily Ms. Boston has reserved her own private cabin on the train where she can put Edward through his paces without being disturbed. She keeps him naked and locked up in the genital governor while she and Ronnie enjoy discrete sexual interludes with other male passengers on the train. Ms. Boston is furious with Edward when he inadvertently stumbles into the adjoining cabin and finds her pleasuring a distinguished older gentleman. The scene that follows, during which Judith and Ronnie administer a fiendish punishment enema, is one of the most sizzling pieces of femdom erotica I have ever read.

There is an underlying cuckolding theme in both books. Young submissive victims are coaxed, tricked or forced into watching the women they adore have steamy vanilla sex with older more virile men while they are humiliated and debased. Judith and Nina were born to rule and dominate; whether through strict discipline or subtle manipulation and seduction. No man can escape their clutches. But then what man would want to?

Now if only "Foxton" and "Boston" could be re-issued with illustrations by Sardax! ;-)

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advochasty said...

There's something about just the word "Masturbatrix" that makes me weak at the knees. The edging, chastity driven, manipulation to inspire service over time is what I suppose I desire most.

Good post. Gotta check out Ms. Boston!

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

Glad you enjoyed that! :-) I know just what you mean. Something about Mistress taking it from you rather than allowing you to give it to yourself! ;-)

Copies of Judith Boston are $85.99 new and $5.93 used on Amazon. Hopefully the used copies will be less "used" than mine! :-P Copies of Nina Foxton are $82.99 used. You can't even find it new anymore.

Happy Lovey Bunny said...

I transcribed all of Beresford's books in the mid-'00s and posted them in a number of places. I imagine the copy you have posted of Nina Foxton is my work with the spelling errors fixed, but maybe not. Anywho, I no longer have any copies of these texts. I'd really like to get a hold of a copy of the "Payday" story from "The Wicked Hand" collection. Let me know if you have it handy. Richard Lovel, of Onania fame, probably still has a copy, but I'm too pissed off at him to ask him to give it to me. You don't actually correspond with Beresford do you? He was truly a ge nius of Femdom fantasy. It's truly a crime that most of his works are out of print.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Mr. Bunny:

Great to meet a fellow Beresford enthusiast! Actually the transcriptions are my own. I picked passages in the book I liked and typed them out verbatim. Then I searched for Sardax illustrations that might fit them and changed the transcriptions to better fit the illustrations as I went along. It was a long process but I think the end result was worth the effort. I typed out the transcriptions directly from battered paper back copies of "Nina Foxton" and "Judith Boston." Unfortunately I don't have a copy of "The Wicked Hand". I don't know Richard Lovel. I would love to correspond with Beresford but I would have no idea how to go about doing that. I agree that he is a master of Femdom fantasy! Like you I would love to see all of his books back in print! Great to hear from you. Thanks for posting!

Happy Lovey Bunny said...

Me and Mr. Lovel aren't getting on too well at the moment but I sent him an e-mail to re-request he send me the Beresford bundle I transcribed 8 or so years ago. He has a site, He's written a few nice Femdom stories back about 20 years ago that he probably still has posted somewhere on his site. "Molly Does The Milking" and "Spanking Salon" are two. He wrote a classic castration fantasy called "Betting The Ranch" as well.

It's also very funny that the guy you quote above who says he jerked off 5 times a day when he first bought Nina Foxton is, in fact, yours truly. Ha ha!

I have two blogs:
But only the tumblr one is active.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

LOL! That was you Mr. Bunny?? What a riot!! I loved that Amazon review! I can definitely relate!! ;-)

Thanks for the links I will definitely check them out! :-)