Saturday, January 24, 2015

Long Overdue - Part 3

I stood up. She gave me the once over.

“Take off your jacket.”

I removed my jacket and hung it over the back of a chair.

“Now your tie.”

I nervously undid the knot of my tie and draped it over my jacket.

“Shoes and socks”

I clumsily untied my shoe laces, removed my shoes, stuffed them with my socks and shoved them under a chair.

“Are you a good dancer?”

“Not really Ma’am. I have two left feet.”

“Oh well.” she said with a smile. “That probably can’t be helped”. Katherine reached over and pressed play on her Iphone. It was attached to a small pair of portable speakers. Raucous, brassy burlesque show music filled the room. 

“Strip” she commanded. Her smile was so wide now her face could barely contain it. I looked into her eyes hoping for a reprieve. There was none to be found

“Take it off. I don’t have all day.”

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, clumsily moving my hips in time to the music. I peeled it off and let it fall to the floor.

“Work it baby!” she exclaimed laughing. Apparently my performance had comedic value if nothing else. Slowly unzipping my pants I let them fall around my ankles. I stepped out of them and kicked them away.

“Very nice! Satin briefs!” observed Katherine with an approving chuckle. She took a dollar bill from her purse and stuffed it down the front of my shorts.

“Now off with them!” she commanded. She wasn’t laughing anymore.

I peeled off my briefs and stood nude before her. She appraised me coolly as if taking inventory. Then she switched off the music.

“Turn around.”

I turned around slowly. The silence was abruptly shattered when Katherine brought the palm of her hand down on my ass with a loud smack. I cried out more with surprise than from pain.

“Better get used to it. Your ass is going to be well used tonight.” Her fingers gently explored the contours of my butt then worked their way up to my belly.

“A little chubby but not too bad.” she observed. “I can tell you work out but I’m still going to put you on a diet and exercise program.”

Katherine took my balls in her hand and squeezed. Her touch was a high voltage shock rippling through my nervous system. An involuntary groan escaped my lips. My cock swelled with gratitude.

“These and and every other part of your body belong to me from now on whenever we are together. Understand?”

“Y-yes Ma’am!” I stammered.

“Good boy. Kneel and kiss my shoes.”

The intoxicating smell of high quality leather filled my senses as I knelt to kiss her black Louboutin pumps.

“Lick” she softly commanded. They were dirty from being worn out on the street but I didn’t care. I eagerly ran my tongue over the toes of her shoes. I licked along the sides, dutifully polishing one shoe then the other. She lifted her feet so I could clean the bright red bottoms.

“Suck” she instructed bringing one of her stiletto heels to my lips. I took it gratefully into my mouth and sucked on it like a cock. She kicked me lightly in the balls with her other foot making me jump.

“No dripping on the carpet!” she chuckled.

She slipped her stockinged foot out of her shoe and pressed it against my nose and lips. “Kiss” she whispered seductively. I kissed the bottom of her foot deliriously inhaling the faint odor of sweat.

“Suck” she commanded, pushing her toes into my mouth. I sucked on them enthusiastically until her stocking was soaking wet. She pushed her foot further down my throat making me gag.

“Good boy” she purred slipping her foot back into her shoe. She reached into a large black hand bag and produced a short whip made of supple black leather. It looked well used.

“This is my favorite whip.” she said “It was handmade in Spain; another present from an old friend of mine.”

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To Be Continued...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Long Overdue - Part 2

“Hi my name is M-Mitch”, I bleated ridiculously. Of course she already knew that! Stupid stupid stupid! I felt my cheeks flush.

“Well hello there M-Mitch” replied Katherine looking into my eyes with a sardonic smile. “Don't just stand there in the hall. Come in. Can I get you anything?” she asked, gesturing at the mini bar. “Coke? Sparkling water? Something stronger?”

“Yes thank you. Something stronger would be nice.”

“I have some very old scotch. A present from a friend of mine.”

“Scotch would be great! Thanks very much!” Dutch courage. Just what the doctor ordered.

Katherine filled two glasses with ice. She poured a generous portion of amber liquid into one of them and passed it to me. It lit up my mouth like a choir of angels and burned like fire going down. I wasn’t sure how good it actually was so I took another sip.

“That’s the best scotch I’ve ever tasted” I proclaimed, taking a third sip just to be sure.

“Thanks. One of my clients is a successful plastic surgeon. A patient of his gave him that bottle as a thank you present for giving her a new face. Please have a seat. No need to stand on ceremony.”

I accepted her invitation and sat down on a luxurious leather couch. The room was opulently furnished. Thick green drapes covered the windows.

“The view from this room must be spectacular”, I said.

“Yes it is. I always reserve a room on one of the higher floors when I stay here. Let’s get down to business” she said taking a sip of her drink. “I know your name is Mitch and that you’re interested in being submissive. Tell me more about yourself.”

I swallowed hard and wondered where to begin.

“What kind of work do you do?” she inquired trying to help me along.

“I’m Chief Information Officer for Ogilthorpe Klawhammer; a public relations firm in midtown.” I replied.

After I said it a cold ball of fear formed in my belly. What if she blackmails me? What if she takes pictures of our play together and sends them to my boss?

“How unusual. A manager who wants to relinquish control!” she replied with a wink. “Actually I’m kidding. It’s almost a cliche to say that men in positions of responsibility long to submit.”

“Yes I have heard that said.” I admitted. “How about you? I remember you said you were in town for a convention?”

“Partly. I am also meeting with a client. I am defending him against his soon to be divorced second wife.” 

“Oh that’s right. I forgot you were a divorce attorney.”

“It pay the bills.” she nodded with a wry smile. “Especially in New York where the naughty rich never seem to tire of changing partners.” 

I waited for her to reveal more. Instead she reached into her handbag and produced a cigarette.

“What exposure have you had to the scene Mitch? Have you attended any munches? Been to any play parties? Seen any pros?”

I watched her shift position suddenly hypnotized by her opaque stockings. She crossed one leg over the other and dangled a high heel from her dainty stockinged foot. My mouth was suddenly very dry.

“Not really”, I replied. “I’ve only made contact with other scene people online so far.”

“Thank goodness for huh? I remember you told me you tried playing with your girlfriend?”

“My ex actually. We broke up a few months ago.”

“How unfortunate. Your decision or hers?”

“Hers” I admitted. “She wasn't kinky or especially dominant. She liked men to be chivalrous but if anything she liked them to be in control when it came to sex. We were a good match in other ways. I have been pretty lonely and frustrated since we broke up.”

“Don't worry Mitch. Some things just aren't meant to be. Better to part ways than to stand around flogging a dead horse.” She lit her cigarette and blew a smoke ring that broke apart into fragmentary wisps.

“Stand up and let me have a look at you.” Her voice was soft and gentle but it had a steel edge. Resistance never entered my mind. 

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To Be Continued...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Long Overdue

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Ours was very relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. We are back in the swing of things now and feeling rejuvenated.  

I have decided to try my hand at writing more femdom fiction. Here is the first installment of a Femdom seduction fantasy I have been working on. I should make clear that this story is not about Her Majesty and I. It comes from my imagination. Apologies for my lack of posting lately. This one is long overdue which, coincidentally, is also the title of the story...

I sat in the dining room of a five star hotel waiting to meet a strange woman who had promised to do unspeakable things to me.

“What unspeakable things?” I remembered feverishly typing to her online.

“I have to see what kind of chemistry we have first. Don't be pushy” she replied.

Looking up from my lukewarm coffee I saw the hands on the clock had barely moved. She had been very specific in her instructions. I was to meet her at noon precisely.

A waiter dressed in a white shirt and a black bow tie scurried through the dining room with a tray of mixed drinks. My stomach fluttered anxiously.

“Would you like some more coffee sir?” asked another waiter who was suddenly standing over me.

“No thanks. I’m wired enough!”, I replied smiling nonchalantly and trying not to sound nervous.

I became aware of my submissive feelings a long time before I acted on them. I thought I could ignore them but that didn’t work. It started with long nights in front of the computer posting on Internet bulletin boards. Then came my stammered confession to my girlfriend over drinks. She seemed non plussed and slightly embarrassed by my revelations. One night she fortified herself with vodka and tried spanking me with a hairbrush. It was awkward, unfulfilling and she seemed relieved when it was over. I thanked her but I was deeply disappointed. I needed someone to dominate me because they wanted to not just because I asked for it.

I met Kathrine online at a site called “Kinkyfolk”; a sort of Facebook for perverts. She responded to my post asking for advice on seducing a woman into dominance. Other male subs gave me sage advice and imbued my online experience with a sense of camaraderie. Katherine was the only female dominant to respond to my posts. After repeated attempts to give me advice she ended up getting pretty frustrated. Finally she said; “You can't manipulate a woman into being dominant against her will. Sorry. It just won't work.” 

There was a pause in our online posting exchange. I thought she had logged off. Then she started typing again. She asked if I would like to meet her when she was in town for a business conference in a couple of weeks. Guilty, tingly little butterflies erupted in my stomach and started fluttering around without permission. We agreed to meet in her hotel room for lunch. Although I had posted a current photo of myself online Karen had only posted a photo of her foot in a high heeled shoe. I still had no idea what she looked like.

I looked up at the clock on the wall. My lunch time assignation was scheduled to begin in two minutes. I hurriedly flagged the waiter and paid the check, leaving a generous tip. I didn't have time to wait for change.

Hurrying to the elevators I pressed the button impatiently as if that would speed their descent. The doors opened and an elderly woman emerged wearing a faux fur coat. She was followed by a harried looking young couple with two small children. I made my way to the back of the elevator. A member of the hotel staff entered with an apologetic smile and a tray full of sandwiches. Several other people piled in behind him. Finally the doors closed. 

When we reached the 29th floor I made my way past rows of identical doors to my destination; a cul de sac at the end of the hall. I stood outside the door for a minute like a sky diver preparing to jump from a plane for the first time. I swallowed, passed my fingers nervously through my hair and pushed the doorbell. I heard the click clack of high heels approaching from inside. Someone peered through the peephole. I couldn’t help wondering what color the eyes were on the other side. I heard the latch being pulled back and the door slowly opened.

Katherine was conservatively attired in a charcoal grey business suit with a jacket that hugged her shapely torso and a skirt that ended demurely at the knee. A short string of pearls curled around her neck. She wore smokey grey stockings offset by black leather pumps with four inch stilettos. Her straight, jet black hair was cut in a page boy and two penetrating blue eyes peered out at me from beneath the bangs. Her nose was a little too long and had a noticeable bump along the bridge. Her crimson lips were curled into the suggestion of a smile.

(To Be Continued)

I was very happy to find the top illustration by the mighty Sardax. I thought it captured Katherine rather well including her conservative look, her pearls and her favorite whip. The second image is also by Sardax. I found most of the other illustrations on If anyone can help me identify the other artists I would be most grateful and will credit them properly. - hmp

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tis The Season!

My apologies for the paucity of posts lately. Her Majesty and I have been caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The cards have been sent out and most of the gifts have been purchased. This year I am giving Her Majesty something from the Apple Store; a Christmas present truly fit for a Queen! Today we will go in search of a Christmas tree.

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family, remember those who are gone and be grateful for our loved ones who are still with us. Christmas feels a little strange and sad this year without Mom. She adored Christmas.  We celebrated the holidays with her every year. I finally unpacked some of her boxes and discovered some beautiful photos she took of New England; whimsical studies of clouds, the sky and the ocean. They brought back lovely memories so I hung them up all over the house. They will remind me of her always.

We usually have a big party at our house but this year the ontourage we celebrate with are off doing their own thing. Truth be told that is fine with us. We are looking forward to spending a quiet holiday at home with each other, our son and our three cats.

 I would like to wish everyone who reads “Her Majesty’s Plaything” a very joyous holiday season! I hope all of you get what you really want for Christmas! Happy Holidays to all and a very Happy New Year!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Plaything Gets Pegged!

“Shhh!” Her Majesty sternly commanded as the cane rose and fell. It was all I could do to stay still let alone be quiet. I had forgotten how cruelly those slender rattan scourges can cut. Burying my face in the towel I did my best to muffle my cries and whimpers. Looking into the mirror every so often I watched my ass turn rosy pink. A criss cross pattern of vivid red welts overlaid the pink blush.

Her Majesty turned up the television volume to cover the sound of my caning. She switched to a music channel featuring hits from the 1980s. “You can’t feel anything any more”, she observed as she ran her cool fingers over my burning buttocks. She proved herself wrong by laying into me with a fresh volley. I arched my ass up to meet her, lost in sensation and stoned on endorphins. Absurdly “Just A Gigolo “ by David Lee Roth was playing.  After one final blistering cut she told me to assume the position on the bed.

I climbed onto the bed and bent over like the slut I am ready to receive her cock. I heard her squeeze some lube on the to the long red dildo. The dildo’s design and curvature are such that she invariably hits my sweet spot when she fucks me with it. It has a hole in the bottom so she can slip it over her finger thereby extending the length of her digit by a good six inches.

Her Majesty opened me up with her fingers. I felt the dildo press against my asshole then slip inside me. As she slid the didlo all the way in it hit my prostate making me cry out. I did my best to be quiet, burying my face in the towel. She fucked me slowly and deeply hitting my sweet spot again and again. It was a complicated feeling; deliciously painful little stabs that were unbearably pleasurable. She tenderly squeezed my balls while she fucked me, taking me to a distant place in my head I had almost forgotten. I surrendered to her completely. The feelings were so intense they threatened to short circuit my nervous system.

Overwhelmed as I was I found reaching orgam elusive. Her Majesty suggested I change position so I flipped over onto my back and helped her guide the dildo back inside me. She resumed my pegging sliding the greasy silicone shaft all the way up my ass. I shuddered with pleasure and thanked her profusely. I gazed up at her face rapt in concentration. Her hands moved mysteriously between my legs inflicting the most powerful feelings imaginable. Finally my orgasm exploded onto my stomach and chest.

As I lay in bed beside her I felt totally and deliciously stoned. I had reached the promised land; that place we catch only fleeting glimpses of in our dreams. I tried to express how I felt and thanked her profusely for fucking me. In fact I thanked her for my pegging with such earnest frequency that she asked me to please shut up. She doesn’t like it when I get carried away and prattle on and on. She likes to keep me grounded. I kissed her tenderly and rolled over in bed, drifting into a deep and satisfied slumber.

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Strapon Dreamer
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Increasingly I have come to realize that the good things we take for granted in life are blessings not guarantees. Today is a good day to remember and be thankful for all of them. On a lighter note am I the only who feels slightly envious of this Thanksgiving turkey? Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads Her Majesty's Plaything! :-)

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Venus On Film

For part deux of our femdom film festival Her Majesty and I watched “Venus in Fur” directed by Roman Polanski. The screenplay is based on the play by David Ives and co written by Mr. Ives and Mr. Polanski. Emmanuelle Seigner (Mr. Polanski’s wife) plays Vanda; an actress who auditions for the role of Wanda in a play based on “Venus In Furs”. Mathieu Amalric plays Thomas, the play’s director and author.

“Venus” opens with Thomas on the phone complaining about the “idiot actresses” who have auditioned for the part of Wanda so far. At first Vanda appears to be just another unknown actress with a limited resume and an unsophisticated demeanor. Thomas does his best to brush her off but Vanda is nothing if not persistent. When she finally starts reading for the part Thomas is transported; certain he has found the perfect actress to play Wanda.

We learn that Vanda has read not just the entire play but also the original book. As they read through the play Vanda encourages Thomas to channel his inner Severin and he unwittingly falls prey to an elaborate seduction as she dominates him emotionally and psychologically. As actress and director alternately analyze the play and inhabit their prospective roles the script becomes indistinguishable from reality and the play begins to resemble a funhouse hall of mirrors.

“Venus” explores it’s source material in depth and from every angle. In one scene Vanda denigrates the novel “Venus In Furs” as being little more than the S&M pornography of its day. She questions who really has control in a D/s relationship even accusing Thomas of secretly tricking her into dominating him: “How dare you? You thought you could dupe some poor, willing, idiot actress and bend her to your program, didn’t you. Create your own little female Frankenstein monster!” Vanda points out that the original source material is misogynistic using the following quote as an example. "The Almighty Lord hath struck him and hath delivered him into the hands of a woman." In a tongue in cheek twist the film closes with those words emblazoned across the screen. In a humorous poke at both practitioners of BDSM and the theater world in general the fictitious play is held at the “Urinal Theatre” a clue that perhaps Mr. Polanski and Mr. Ives take neither themselves or the play too seriously.

Amalric and Seigner deliver authentic, riveting performances and the chemistry between them is electric. Vanda keeps Thomas on his toes throughout the film, effortlessly switching between plain spoken actress and imperious goddess. Mr. Amalric is compelling as a submissive masochist. It was enthralling to watch him describe a vicious birching at the hands of his aunt and her attending servants; the childhood trauma that defined his sexuality. It seems like he’s had previous experience”, observed Her Majesty as she watched Amalric remove Vanda’s high heels and reverently slip a pair of black leather boots onto her stockinged feet.

“Venus” is a worthy adaptation of the play by David Ives and has earned it’s place in the pantheon of femdom on film. It is also on Netflix so….enjoy! :-)

All Photos are taken from "Venus In Fur" by Roman Polanski and David Ives courtesy of Google Images. Clip courtesy of YouTube.