Saturday, September 13, 2014

Her Majesty Gives A Tawse

“It looks like a tuning fork”, mused Her Majesty. She picked up the tawse feeling it’s weight in her hand. “It’s heavy”, she added.


Her Majesty cut my buttocks with the tawse making me gasp; “Thank you Ma’am!”

Short, black and elegant, our new toy is a strap of medium width split into two tails at the end; a severe instrument made of unyielding shoe leather stitched three layers thick. It carries plenty of wallop and a malevolent sting. Ours is new, not one of the infamous originals once used in Lochgelly Scotland to strap the hands and bums of unruly schoolchildren. This modern day reproduction of the original Lochgelly tawse was made by Quality Control in the UK. I ordered the shorter length (61cm) so Her Majesty could effectively thrash me while I kneel on the floor worshiping her feet.


I moaned and surrendered to the terrible strap. Her Majesty pressed the bottom of her foot to my lips. Her new pedicure gleamed deep red in the lamplight.


The tawse fell again, more forcefully this time. Halfway between a wooden paddle and a leather strap the tawse cut deep leaving a vicious after burn.


“Thank you so much Ma’am!” I cried gratefully. The tawse was heavier than a cane and promised to leave deep tissue soreness in it’s wake.


In addition to having a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window it stung like a nest full of hornets!


“ Ha ha! That time I used the handle!”

“Oh no Ma’am! You are supposed to use the tails not the handle!”

“Shut up!!”

Whack! Splat! Crack! Whop! Smack!

I wailed piteously as Her Majesty delivered a devastating series of cuts to my upper thighs. The deep penetrating force of the tawse left a warm afterglow that lit up my butt like a Christmas tree. Every so often Her Majesty paused and ran her fingers over my glowing ass cheeks eliciting a delirious moan of pleasure from yours truly. I tried my best to hold still as she picked up speed and force, pounding my ass like she was tenderizing a piece of meat. Her Majesty strapped me for a long time. By the end I was flying. 

“Ok that’s enough.” she said from somewhere far above me.

“Thank you so much Ma’am! That was beautiful! I love the tawse!” I replied deliriously from beneath her.

“Good. I’m glad. I am going to go upstairs and pee. Then I am going to come back down and sit on your face.”

“Oh yes please Ma’am! My ass still feels like its on fire!”

“I’m not surprised!” said Her Majesty with a chuckle as she ascended the stairs.

I surreptitiously checked the damage in the mirror. My butt was rosy red and hot to the touch. A bright red imprint of the tawse’s forked tail was clearly visible on my right asscheek. I lay back down on the floor and waited patiently. Her Majesty returned wearing only a t-shirt. Without a word she mounted my face so my nose was pressed against her pussy and my lips to her ass. Then she lowered herself slowly onto my face engulfing me in a world of warmth, darkness, taste and smell.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Big Book Of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales

“The Big Book Of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales” celebrates the joy of submission in all it’s forms. it joins a long line of excellent collections edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel some of which have already been reviewed on this blog including: "Please Ma'am", "Yes Ma'am" and "She's On Top". (I have fond memories of Her Majesty buying me a copy of “She’s On Top” at our local Barnes and Noble. Was I imagining the knowing smile the cashier gave us when she paid for the book?)

The first story; “I Want To Feel You” by Joy Faolan reads like a meditation, providing a window into the submissive mind. “I want you to hunt me down and make me your own. I want to feel you inside my head. I want to be confused that you know so much about me when I’ve told you nothing.”

I was touched by “Beautiful” Written by Teresa Noelle Roberts in which a cancer survivor must face her fears and reveal her scars in public. She finds release in cathartic tears and a volcanic orgasm while her Mistress tells her what a brave and beautiful slave she is.

Topping from the bottom appears to be quite acceptable for a female submissive. “That is the power of the submissive”, Kathleen Tudor explains in her story “Caramel”. “She decides when, how and where to give herself over”. In “Training My Dom” by Tilly Hunter a femsub teaches her young lover exactly how she likes to be dominated. In “Naughty Prof” by Louisa Bacio the protagonist chooses a knowledgeable older gentleman over a hot young adonis precisely because the professor doesn’t need any training. Nowhere is this counter intuitive power dynamic more pronounced than in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s story “Reverse Psychology” in which an adoring male sub dominates his mistress according to her exact specifications while she instructs him exactly what to do.

There are some excellent F/m stories to be found in the “Big Book of Submission” as well. In “Marni’s Working Area” by Dominic Santi a wife employs a diabolical prostate milking device before ordering her husband over her lap for a severe paddling. “Crush” by Giselle Renarde depicts a mistress crushing her slave’s naughty bits underfoot with her high heeled shoe just the way he likes it. In “The Shoot” by D.L. King a mistress uses a razor to completely denude her slave while a femdom photographer captures every nuance in black and white. In “Help! My Wife’s A Former Dominatrix!” by Angela R. Sargenti, a husband sits at his wife’s feet hugging his teddy bear until she calls him to come over her lap for his weekly spanking. Unfortunately she has plans for him that include the dreaded prison strap!

There is plenty of variety to be found in this collection of short stories. When taken together they seem to underscore the common experience we all share as submissives, whether we are men or women, gay or straight. The joy of letting go, the transcendent power of devotion, the guilty thrill of exposure, the bittersweet sting of humiliation and the release of sweet surrender flow through this book like overarching themes. No matter what type of submission you enjoy you will find it between the pages of “The Big Book Of Submission”.

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Classy Femdom Universe
Femdom Style Counsel
Bei Fuss
The Hearts Dark Desires

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I am overjoyed to have Her Majesty home again. It gives me a thrill to sit at her feet and give her a foot rub or kiss her toes while she relaxes on the couch watching T.V. It brings me deep happiness to serve, worship, and obey her.

“It’s so nice to be served again!”, she exclaimed as I cleared her dinner dishes and put them in the sink.

“You’re the best slave in the world!”, she called to me when I brought her the pint of ice cream she had been craving. I didn’t even have any. Well...maybe a little.

Last Sunday we lay in bed together watching a Robin Williams marathon. Her Majesty teased me mercilessly. She squeezed my balls and played with my cock. I groaned and spread my legs wide apart for her. She said she wasn’t going to queen me until she took a shower. Raising her arm she pushed my head down to her armpit and said; “sniff!” I hungrily breathed in her tart aroma helplessly leaking precum onto the sheets. For awhile she allowed me to lie with my face buried in her bottom and breathe through her panties. Finally she rose to go take a shower.

“I am clean and fresh as a daisy!”, she announced happily returning to the room wearing only a towel. She let the towel drop to the floor and lowered herself slowly onto my face.

The Queen has returned to her castle and all is right with the world.

I love this work by an unknown artist I found on Femdom Style Council.  I don't usually see images that remind me of Her Majesty and I but this one really does. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Why Blog?

Around this time last year I thought I had lost interest in blogging. Rather than rehashing my reasons I will post a link for those who are interested. As it turns out the answer was not to stop blogging but to post less frequently. I was driving myself crazy trying to post too much. Does it matter if I blog or not? No of course it doesn’t. So why not just relax and enjoy myself? There is no need to be obsessive or compulsive about it. I decided not to pressure myself and to only post when I felt a sincere desire to do so.

Since then I have rediscovered blogging as a pleasurable and fulfilling pastime. I love to write. I also enjoy the collage aspect; collecting images from the Internet and assembling them on the page. I think about Femdom and BDSM a lot so the blog is a healthy outlet for me.

I keep a journal now which allows me to write about topics that are too personal for the blog and/or topics that have nothing to do with FemDom. The journal works well as a staging area for blog posts. Many posts start out as journal entries these days.

My general rule of thumb is to post at least once a month but no more than once a week. That helps prevent me from rushing to put something out there then deleting it when I realize I hate it. I am breaking my own rule as this is my second post in as many days but I am sick and home alone so I have some extra time on my hands. Her Majesty will be home in a couple of days. I will not have as much time to blog once our regular routine resumes.

I enjoy the community aspect of blogging. Prior to becoming a blogger I was a heavy poster on BDSM bulletin boards so I was accustomed to the give and take of a lively conversation. For that reason comments were very important to me. Many bloggers post without seeming to care whether readers leave comments or not. Many don’t reply when people do leave comments. That used to bother me until I realized it was perfectly fine. When people leave comments it’s great! Supportive comments are always welcome. People don’t always have to agree with me. I enjoy the occasional polite and respectful debate. Nasty comments are of course unwelcome and never see the light of day. That is one aspect of Internet bulletin boards I do not miss!

I can tell from Google Analytics that folks are still reading "Her Majestys Plaything" for which I am very grateful. The most popular posts seem to be those featuring femdom artists and first hand accounts of my sessions with Her Majesty. Posts about queening seem quite popular and some of the book reviews also seem to be well received. At the moment I am reading “The Big Book Of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales” a collection of D/s erotica edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. I hope to have that review up soon.

As it turns out one of the keys to happiness in blogging (as in other areas of life) is moderation. There is a flip side to social media interaction; a darker vein that runs beneath the surface. I thought Arthur C. Brooks captured it eloquently in his editorial “Love People Not Pleasure” recently published in the New York Times.

“Today, each of us can build a personal little fan base, thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. We can broadcast the details of our lives to friends and strangers in an astonishingly efficient way. That’s good for staying in touch with friends, but it also puts a minor form of fame-seeking within each person’s reach. And several studies show that it can make us unhappy.

It makes sense. What do you post to Facebook? Pictures of yourself yelling at your kids, or having a hard time at work? No, you post smiling photos of a hiking trip with friends. You build a fake life — or at least an incomplete one — and share it. Furthermore, you consume almost exclusively the fake lives of your social media “friends.” Unless you are extraordinarily self-aware, how could it not make you feel worse to spend part of your time pretending to be happier than you are, and the other part of your time seeing how much happier others seem to be than you?”

I found these words thought provoking. I try to be honest on the blog. I never post fiction unless I label it as such. I don't talk much about problems in my relationship with Her Majesty because it would not be appropriate and I am quite sure she would not appreciate it. I save that kind of thing for my journal. I have stopped believing that strangers on the Internet have the answers to my quandaries. Usually I find the answers I seek much closer to home. I am not immune to enjoying a little rush of pleasure when someone leaves a supportive comment nor the minor form of "fame seeking" Mr. Brooks speaks of in his editorial. Part of making peace with the blog turned out to be not taking it (or myself) too seriously.

Cheers and Happy Monday! :)

Photos courtesy of Sado-Ladies.  (Sure I know the pictures have nothing to do with the text but who cares?  Sado Ladies produce some excellent femdom erotica IMHO! )

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sexiest Mouth In The World

Her Majesty has the sexiest mouth in the world. I always tell her that. Her full sensual lips come to her naturally. Many women spend thousands of dollars on collagen injections trying to achieve that effect. When Her Majesty’s lips spread into a smile it makes my heart sing.

The sound of Her Majesty’s voice is sweet and melodious. Some of her Caribbean lilt still lingers even after decades of Americanization. I am sensitive to even the slightest change in nuance and tone. It may seem like a small thing but if you plan on spending the rest of your life with someone the sound of their voice becomes very important. I would never last in a relationship with Fran Drescher. The sound of her voice would be a deal killer.

I am feeling under the weather today. I am weak, woozy, choking on post nasal drip, hacking and coughing. Sexy huh? I'm a real phlegm fatale. Her Majesty has been gone for a couple of weeks and I miss her like crazy. Fortunately this will be my last weekend alone. As her homecoming approaches my anticipation is starting to build.

After 28 years of marriage I have become accustomed to these annual separations. I have come to believe they are beneficial for our relationship. A little separation helps us gain perspective and better appreciate what we have. A little independence makes us stronger as individuals which in turn strengthens us as a couple. After my mother died I was a little numb. I think it was good for me to be alone and get in touch with my feelings again after everything that happened. But now I can’t wait to see Her Majesty again and kiss her royal feet hello!

Since I am missing the sound of Her Majesty’s voice so much I assembled some of her quotes to post on the blog. I mostly chose quotes that struck me as funny or sexy. A few words cannot capture the whole person of course. By cherry picking Her Majesty’s words I run the risk of giving you an incomplete picture of what she is really like. Nevertheless I hope you will find these quotes illuminating and amusing.

Thats what I like to see! A wife cooking for me when I get home from work! Ha ha ha!

Enough worshiping! Get on with your life!

He was short. Really short. He was shorter than you.

If you don't tell me what happens in the next episode I won't sit on your face.

I'm the boss of my body not you!

Shhhh! Stop screaming!

You better not die on me or I'll kill you!

Stop worrying. We have a good relationship. Stop trying to analyze it. It is what it is.

Hey sweetie missing you like mad. Especially yr delish coffee.
Love u my darling. Will see u in a week. Luv luv luv!

Ok the last one was a recent text message. Insert sexy mouth imoge here.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Freshly Whipped Plaything

Her Majesty and I had a wonderful time up North. Unfortunately she had to leave for her annual migration South almost as soon as we arrived home. This morning I awoke at 3am fetched her coffee and carried her bags downstairs. A few minutes later a taxi pulled up in front of our house and whisked her away.

I had given up on having a session before she left. Much to my surprise she welcomed me home with a big smile on Friday night and told me our son (who is back from college) would be out for the evening. I took in that information blinking stupidly like a deer in the head lights. Having already accepted that my fondest wish would probably be denied it took me a minute to readjust.

“We can play after dinner” she said smiling sweetly. 

“Yes!” I thought. “She did mean that!”

It was a warm summer night so Her Majesty didn’t bother with Dominatrix attire. She sat on the couch watching a loud action packed movie while I sat beneath her on the floor rubbing her feet. After awhile I lay back and spread my legs wide apart so she could crush my balls underfoot. Finally she told me to hand her the whip. Her Majesty’s whip is short, thick and cruel. I knelt on the floor kissing her foot while she painted my ass bright red with it. 

Her Majesty took her time, slowly building the intensity. She whipped me patiently and methodically like a master chef preparing egg whites for a delicious souffle. Periodically I felt her cool fingers run over my burning ass cheeks as though checking to make sure her dish was well cooked. In the beginning it was hard for me to stay still. Our short single tail carries plenty of sting and thud. By the end I welcomed every stroke of her lash like a fiery kiss. I wanted it go on forever. I was flying. Eventually I heard her say; “OK that’s enough”, from somewhere far above me. 

I knelt in patient anticipation while Her Majesty donned a pair of latex gloves. She slipped her fingers inside me; lubricating me and stretching me out. I felt the tip of the vibrating dildo press against my asshole. I pushed against it and helped guide her hand; surrendering to her completely and willing myself to open up like a flower. The head slipped all the way in making me cry out. The long thick shaft followed, filling me up and making me groan. She slid it all the way in and left it there. I felt a single latex gloved finger slide from my perineum up to my balls. She took them in her rubber gloved fingers and squeezed. 

“Thank you Ma’am!” I sobbed in ecstasy. 

She slid the dildo out and all the way back in; fuciking me slowly and exquisitely. She turned the dial on the vibrator all the way up. Nothing existed but the steady hum of the dildo deep in my ass and Her Majesty’s fingers milking my balls. On television the villain’s hideout exploded; bursting into flames and falling over a cliff just as I erupted in a white hot super nova.

I am going to miss Her Majesty a lot.  The memory of our beautiful session will nurture and sustain me while I count the days awaiting her return. Today is our 28th Wedding Anniversary.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where Two Waters Meet

Her Majesty and I will be dropping off the radar for a little while. In a few days we are traveling to the island where I spent many childhood summers and where my Mother lived for over twenty years. I will not be bringing a computer. Even if I did Internet access would be problematic at best. We will be performing the final rights for Mom; casting her ashes adrift where the two waters meet. For me this will be a time of quiet introspection, rediscovering simple pleasures and saying my final goodbyes. It will be time for quieting my mind; shutting out the seemingly endless chatter that distracts me from experiencing life in the moment and spending quality time with my family. The island we are visiting holds a special kind of magic for me. I haven’t been back in five years and I am really looking forward to seeing it again. Our son feels much the same way and he will be joining us on the trip. I hope everyone who reads the blog is having a peaceful, safe and joyous 4th of July holiday. As Aarkey would say; "Namaste".

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