Saturday, April 11, 2015

Her Majesty's Whip

Her Majesty sat regally on the couch. I knelt on the carpet beneath her. She wore open toed stiletto mules that displayed her perfect arches to advantage. Pressing her foot to my lips she offered me her toes to suck. I did so greedily as she started to warm me up with little flicks of her short single tail whip. She built my whipping slowly while I knelt beneath her on the floor eagerly worshipping her feet. She took her time painting my ass fire engine red. I moaned, whimpered and thanked her as the cruel little whip rose and fell. I was so grateful for her attentions. I live for this.

I moaned as I felt the palm of her hand gently cool my fevered flesh. Sometimes a tender touch is more devastating than a savage blow. She placed her hand gently on my lower back and started cutting me with short controlled strokes. Surrendering to her completely I moved slightly forward giving her more room to swing. She painted stripes across my upper thighs making me cry out. Each lash brought me closer to that blissful place I can never visit often enough. Her Majesty built my whipping slowly toward its inevitable climax. When it was over she removed her shoes and used my face as her settee. I lay on the floor beneath her, kissing and smelling her feet while the endorphins coursed through my body.

“What’s this big thing?” she asked picking up the black dildo. Our new toy is longer and thicker than its predecessor. It is made of black silicone and fits as though it were custom designed for my body. It has no head and is perfectly smooth. It’s gentle curving arch touches me in all the right places.

Her Majesty pressed the big black cock against my asshole. I helped her guide it in, pushing up against it and impaling myself. It felt huge and impossibly pleasurable sliding into me and stretching me out. I moaned deliriously, frantically answering her slow, delicious strokes. She reached down and squeezed my balls as she drove the dildo all the way in sending an exquisite shock of pleasure shooting through my nervous system up to my brain. I cried out and erupted as my beloved Queen tenderly milked the cum from my balls.

Afterwards, I lay beneath her on the floor kissing the bottoms of her feet and savoring her familiar delicious smell. I barely left her side for rest of the night not wanting to be away from the comforting fire of her warmth for very long. Her Majesty is my other half. Together we are a perfect fit.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wired Like A Dog

They say all men are dogs and I’m no exception. I love cats but I’m wired like a dog.

I tend to be extremely loyal, frisky and playful.

I am sometimes overly enthusiastic and wag my tail vigorously at inappropriate times.

I love the feeling of being owned and spending quality time curled up at Her Majesty’s feet.

I am apt to be very friendly unless you really piss me off. Then I will probably growl at you.

One of my online handles was a canine derivative and a friend of mine still calls me “doggie” to this day.

I have never officially tried “puppy play” but I was beaten with a newspaper once.

When I receive welcome attention from Her Majesty I think of it as having my “belly rubbed”.

The leash Her Majesty keeps around my neck is strictly metaphorical but every time she throws a stick or a frisbee I run and go fetch it.

My olfactory senses are a huge erogenous zone for me as this exchange between Her Majesty and I clearly demonstrates:

Me: “Would you like me to help you off with your boots Ma’am?”

HM: “Sure! Come over here!”

(I kneel at Her Majesty’s feet and remove her black ankle boots)

HM: “Take off my socks too please.”

Me: “Yes Ma’am. May I please kiss your feet?”

HM: “You just want to SMELL my feet!” (laughing)

Me: “You know me too well Ma’am! You know me like the back of your hand!”

And she does too…

Like most dogs I am an enthusiastic sniffer and licker. Everything about the way Her Majesty smells and tastes is beautiful to me. I love smelling the crook of her neck. Also other more intimate places. Her smell always reminds me of home. Of course all dogs like the traditional doggie greeting and I’m no different. Fortunately Her Majesty regularly allows me this deliciously fragrant all consuming form of worship. I am such a lucky dog!

So if you see me on the street there is no need to call my name. You can just whistle...

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Bei Fuss
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leather Women

Many years ago, a bookstore located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan greatly enhanced my awareness of kinky literature and re-introduced me to a dear old friend. It was more of a sex shop than a bookstore really. I can no longer remember the name of the store and it’s probably long gone. One room contained all manner of toys and fetish clothing. An array of whips and paddles were on display. An umbrella stand full of rattan canes stood next to a full length mirror.

One afternoon I was fortunate to spy an attractive young woman watching herself in the mirror as she practised her caning technique. I stood transfixed unable to look away. I remember wondering if she was a pro. In retrospect I think she probably was. It was all I could do not to offer myself up for target practise.

Another room in the back of the store housed all manner of kinky media. It was still the 1990s so a rack of VHS tapes were on display. The DVD had not yet been invented.  A magazine rack displayed glossy fetish publications next to which stood a tall wooden bookshelf packed with kinky literature. Browsing through the books I stumbled on a collection of short stories called “Leather Women”; edited by someone named Laura Antoniou. Years later I discovered “The Marketplace” series and Laura's literary brilliance was revealed to me. In the 1990s I had no idea who she was.

As I browsed through “Leather Women” I was blown away by what I read. The collection was composed entirely of lesbian BDSM erotica and the writing was excellent! This was hard core porn as raw as you like but written by authors who knew their craft. Sex seemed to drip from the pages but “Leather Women” was as much literature as porn.

Scanning the table of contents I chanced upon the name of an author who was very familiar to me. I always knew my old friend Denya was a brilliant poet but I had no idea she wrote such fabulous BDSM erotica! Denya was my first play partner and the person who turned me on to BDSM. Stunned by the serendipity of finding her story under such unlikely circumstances I stood transfixed in the sex shoppe reading “The Roar Of the Sea”. Here is some of what I read:

“Push back against me.” Her voice encouraged, demanded, hot and rough in my ear. And I was pushing back against her and crying out, “No, no, no” at the same time. And then she was in, and the air whistled through my teeth as the fat head slid through with one tearing lightning pain. The smooth, thick shaft sank as deep as it could go, easily widening me, separating the sides of the passage like a plow, making a channel for itself in the soft red folds that seemed bright as flame but hotter.

She stayed there for a moment, her body sealed against mine, while I accepted it; swollen and spitted on the hard shaft my anus convulsing in feverish little spasms around it. Her added weight across my shoulders pulled at the cuffs on my on my wrists, sharpening the ache there which had long ago subsided to a dull throb. There were tears caught in the corners of my eyes that didn’t fall, making the room seem to shimmer around me, to brighten and blur. And still she waited, patient as always, until all quivering had ceased, until I had relaxed around this monster inside me that seemed too large, some cruel and inhuman thing. Then she pulled back slowly , too slowly, the full length of it. The channel she had dug in me caved in, closing behind her, until just the flange of the head remained inside, holding the dildo in place.

I was panting, desperate - breathing hard in stuttering, eloquent little gasps that had a maddened crazy sound to them. Then I felt her lips against my hair, a soft incoherent noise that might have been “please baby please” but wasn’t, and the tenderness brought the heat to a boiling point, a rolling boil, and took it over the edge.

Her hand snaked around my hips touching me, finally, between my cruelly spread legs. The heel of her palm was at the top of my pubic bone, the whole open surface giving me something to press against. Her middle finger slid back and forth as I rocked into her. I was shuddering, screaming as just that pressure made the sensation complete. The serried alternation became a perfectly straight climb, and I was rushing forward. Like a wave that retreats only to meet its own shoulder, to merge fully with it, with the next one right behind it, to join forces and continue forward without attrition or loss, the rising momentum suddenly irresistible, as perfect as rain gathering in air, as the storm before it breaks. I was racing, racing forward, and she with me. The consummate union which had been promised flawlessly achieved. The circle closing. The pattern complete and whole. The power of it - which was enough to break me - finally mine because I had ceased to resist it. And, as I felt her grind the last hard, uneven thrusts of her spending into me, I came also, seeing nothing but light, hearing nothing but the sound of my own heart pounding in my ears like the roar of the sea.”

Portions of the “The Roar Of The Sea” by Denya Cascio were re-printed here with the author's permission. "The Roar Of The Sea" was originally published in the collection “Leather Women” edited by Laura Antoniou and published by Masquerade Books Incorporated.

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The English Mansion
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Captured By The Huntress
Latex By Anna
Leather Femdom

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Female Domination

To this day controversy surrounds the book “Female Domination” by Elise Sutton. Is she really a dominant woman or is she actually a submissive man? Are the interviews with couples in her book slices of life or fictional parables? Elise Sutton has built a business around her femdom persona, published several books on female domination and has her own website offering advice to those interested in the lifestyle. If the author isn’t who she says she is does that invalidate her ideas?

I don’t know if Elise Sutton is “real” or not but I enjoyed reading her books. Her first book “Female Domination” broadened my horizons and introduced me to new ideas about femdom relationships. It was Ms. Sutton who first introduced me to the phrase “seducing a woman into dominance”. She challenged me to think about the difference between true submission and chasing my own desires.

When I first read “Female Domination” I knew I wanted something more than occasional fantasy play in the bedroom but I wasn’t sure how to approach it. Ms. Sutton pushed me in the direction of establishing a femdom relationship at home with loving service as the centerpiece. Other books filled in more detail for me and were perhaps more on target about the realities of femdom relationships but all things considered I found Ms. Sutton’s work a good place to start my exploration.

Ms. Sutton is correct that a submissive man should think carefully before presenting female domination to his beloved. He should think about what might appeal to her rather than assuming she will share his sexual fantasies. He should not (for example) attempt to win her over by showing her femdom pornography. Most femdom porn is designed to appeal to the male libido and has been known to have precisely the opposite effect on women. First impressions are extremely important. If his initial presentation fails he may turn his lady love off to the whole idea.

Ms. Sutton gets into trouble when she makes sweeping generalizations about people. Of course all women aren’t dominant any more than all men are submissive. Her attempts to explain male submission through the prism of sociological theory sound pretty far fetched to me. So do her assertions that our society is heading toward becoming a matriarchy. I have heard submissive men fantasize dreamily about female supremacist utopias but I don't think I have ever heard a woman do so.  Ms. Sutton’s books do seem to fire the imaginations of submissive men suggesting we are the intended audience. Does that mean “she” is actually one of us? An interesting question to which I don’t have an answer.

The meat of Ms. Sutton’s sociological and psychological theories are covered in the first five chapters of “Female Domination”. After that we get to the fun stuff with chapters on corporal punishment, strap-on play, chastity, fetishism, humiliation and cuckolding. In those chapters Ms. Sutton interviews “real couples” about their experiences in the femdom lifestyle. These chapters are lighter in nature and often fun to read. I remember being turned on by some of them in much the same way I am turned on reading some of the femdom lifestyle blogs.

All in all I found “Female Domination” to be a fun, informative and sexy read even if some of the author’s theories were a little far fetched. All things considered the positives outweighed the negatives even if the book was something of a mixed bag. The beautiful cover art by the mighty Sardax also make this book a pleasure to own.

Art by Sardax

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Marketplace - D/s Without Limits

Sure dirty books are sexy but are they art? Much water has flowed under the bridge since Leopold Von-Sacher Masoch wrote “Venus In Furs”. Since then there have been many aspiring authors of BDSM erotica. Of the modern authors I have read Laura Antoniou’s work probably comes closest to being what is usually considered literature. Antoniou has written several novels, edited a bevy of short story collections and written more short stories than I can name. She is best known for writing “The Marketplace” series.

The Marketplace transports us to a fantasy world where consensual slavery is the norm. An underground network of trainers instruct aspiring slaves in the art of servitude. Slaves offer themselves to be sold on the block but must undergo rigorous training before they are deemed worthy. The hardships and punishments they endure are technically consensual but once they commit to slavery they relinquish all control over what happens to them. When they are sold at auction slaves have no say in the identify or even the gender of the master or mistress who purchases them. They must resign themselves to their fate or face permanent banishment from The Marketplace.

The denizens of the Marketplace are complex, believable and have more depth than one usually finds in works of erotic fiction. Chris Parker, an experienced and sought after slave trainer, is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. As his story unfolds we discover he has undergone repeated metamorphosis each one stranger than the last. Just when we think we know everything there is to know about Chris another surprise is revealed. Chris is just one of the multi-faceted characters that seem to illuminate the fantasy world of the Marketplace like a galaxy of stars.

Most erotica casts a thin viel of plot over writing specifically designed to titillate and arouse. While boasting its fair share of erotic scenes, the Marketplace delves deeply into the fantasy world it chronicles. The joy and rewards of servitude are thoroughly explored along with every conceivable variety of sexual orientation. Punishment and sexual servitude are often taken beyond what is normally considered safe, sane and consensual. A slave exists only to serve.  There are no “do me subs” in The Marketplace.

My taste in erotica is usually limited to tales of female domination and male submission. To my surprise The Marketplace captured my imagination and totally enthralled me. Laura Antoniou’s fantasy world is so engaging that I found myself unable to put the Marketplace down once I started reading it. Despite my personal preferences I found I was able to enjoy the variety of sexual orientations in the book once I put my preconceptions aside.

In writing this review I was excited to discover that Laura Antoniou has added a sixth book to the Marketplace series called "The Inheritor" which was released in February of 2015. I have not read it yet but now that I know it exists I will definitely be picking up a copy. If you have not yet read The Marketplace series I highly recommend that you do. Laura Antoniou has written a series of books that transcend porn and can be considered genuine works of erotic literature.

Art by Nanshakh

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dirty Books Are Sexy!

I remember when dirty books were sexy enough to be dangerous. The Internet has largely replaced brick and mortar bookstores. The printed word seems tame in comparison to the glossy images and film clips we can download from the web. But subtle nuances can be expressed with language that cannot be captured with the camera lens. When reading a story we have a window into the minds of the characters. In a film we can watch what happens to them but they can't tell us how it makes them feel.

Paltego at Femdom Resource recently posted  "Times Square Smut" exploring 1950s pulp porn and the kinky subculture surrounding the bookstores on Times Square during that time. The busy strip between 7th and 8th Avenue on 42nd Street has since become a flashing neon cavalcade of tourist traps and glittering sensory overload. In the days before Bloomberg and Giuliani however, that locale had a very different flavor.

I can't remember New York in the 1950s but I do remember Time Square before it became the seizure inducing spectacle it is today. Movie theaters lined both sides of the block showing films with titles like “I Spit On Your Grave” and “Zombie Cheerleaders From Beyond Space”. Sandwiched between the B movie theaters were seedy little magazine shops and peep show palaces displaying every variety of porn imaginable. Men in business suits furtively browsed through magazine racks in dimly lit shops that smelled of stale cigar smoke. It was in those establishments that I first discovered BDSM porn. I will never forget finding my first copy of “Ma’am” magazine and carrying my prize home on the subway discretely wrapped in a brown paper bag to enjoy later.

BDSM porn was a lot harder to come by in those days. It seemed a lot more forbidden and exciting. Censorship was alive and well. Purveyors of smut ran the risk of fines and/or imprisonment for plying their trade. The scene has changed a lot over the years but some of the same dynamics still apply.

Just last week we railed against Google for threatening to take down blogs with adult content. In the 1950s artists and writers were jailed for explicit content that would be considered tame by today’s standards. Puritanical forces always seem to push back against the urge to celebrate our kinky sexuality.

I would like to dedicate the month of March to celebrating those who have gone before us and paved the way for our kinky blogs and tumblr sites. March is officially Dirty Book Month on Her Majesty’s Plaything.

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Gene Bilbrew

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Calling Off The Blogocalypse

This just in!  Apparently Google has decided to call of the blogocalypse only three days after announcing it! Amazing what a little customer push back can do. Anyway I'm back!  Er...before I even left! I feel a bit like The Who doing one of their silly "farewell tours" now but hey whatever. It's tough keeping up with all these sinister corporate machinations.

Here is the statement Google put out regarding their change of plans:

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We've had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.
Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.
Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.
Thank you for your continued feedback.
The Blogger Team

Needless to say I am very pleased to hear that Google has reconsidered their ill advised decision.

In fact I am posting some more relatively tasteful objectionable content to celebrate the occasion!

Enjoy! :-)

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