Saturday, February 28, 2015

Calling Off The Blogocalypse

This just in!  Apparently Google has decided to call of the blogocalypse only three days after announcing it! Amazing what a little customer push back can do. Anyway I'm back!  Er...before I even left! I feel a bit like The Who doing one of their silly "farewell tours" now but hey whatever. It's tough keeping up with all these sinister corporate machinations.

Here is the statement Google put out regarding their change of plans:

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We've had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.
Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.
Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.
Thank you for your continued feedback.
The Blogger Team

Needless to say I am very pleased to hear that Google has reconsidered their ill advised decision.

In fact I am posting some more relatively tasteful objectionable content to celebrate the occasion!

Enjoy! :-)

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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Dommes Of Spring

If I see another snowflake I am going to scream! I don't know about you but I am heartily sick of winter and totally ready for spring! I was going to save this post until the first day of spring but under the circumstances I decided to release it early. It is a companion post to “The Dommes Of Autumn”. I hope you enjoy these images of sultry Dominas dressed in outrageous fetish attire leisurely relaxing in the great outdoors. I have been saving them to share with you for a long time.

Unfortunately this may be my last post. Google has decided to remove all blogs containing adult content on 3/23/15. "Her Majesty's Plaything" and many other blogs with adult content will be unreachable on the Internet after that. Google can do whatever they want because this is their sandbox we are playing in. That said I didn't think they believed in censorship. I thought Google was a forward thinking American company who supported freedom of speech and creative expression. Unfortunately if they proceed with their planned blogocalypse they will have proved me wrong.

I have tried to post images with artistic merit and have done my best to keep them relatively tasteful more out of personal preference than to abide by Google’s corporate morality police. My blog may yet be spared the reaper’s scythe but to be honest I doubt it will be.

America is a funny place. We profess to believe in freedom of speech but we are mired in judgmental attitudes and quasi religious guilt about sex. We profess to be a Christian nation but we worship money over everything else. Corporations are not people folks. Full stop. But I don't mean to turn this into a rabble rousing political post. It’s easy to see that the sex blogs of a bunch of perverts don't add up to much in this crazy world.

I have no interest in sanitizing the blog and no intention of deleting any content. It will either be reachable on 3/24/15 or it won't. I have thought about moving to another platform but I haven't decided on that yet. Oddly I have not received any notification from Google about their intentions and only found out about the upcoming purge from reading "Edge Of Vanilla" and "Femdom Resource"; two excellent blogs that will not be affected by the blogocalypse because they are not on Google. Whatever happens bits of “Her Majesty’s Plaything” will be preserved in the book “Under Her Thumb” thanks to my friend D.L. King.

What can I say? I am not angry or upset and I have no regrets. I have had a good run. I am glad I had a chance to explore my subbie maso wiring in public and share about my relationship with Her Majesty. I spoke with a lot of cool people doing this and learned many things about femdom, BDSM and kink by reading other blogs and hearing what all of you had to say.

“Her Majesty’s Plaything” has been a joyful journey of kinky self discovery for me. I have a much better sense of who I am now than I did when I started blogging in 2008. Thank you to everyone for reading the blog and for leaving your comments. May you find lasting happiness with someone who truly “gets you” and may all your kinky dreams come true. Best wishes to you all.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Some Kind Of Love

I actually wrote this meditation on love when I was home sick for Groundhog’s Day. Valentine’s Day seemed like a better day to post it though. It’s my usual stream of consciousness/internal monologue where I jump all over the place and come to unsubstantiated conclusions that you may or may not agree with. Happy Valentines Day!

Over the course of my life I have been fortunate to experience many different kinds of love.

Friendship is characterized by shared interests and experiences. Friends often form a supportive bond; a cooperative unit built to survive the indifferent onslaught of an ever changing world. 

Familial love has a basis in biology that is often more powerful than we realize. It can outlast other kinds of love that seem to burn more brightly at their zenith but eventually fade with time. As I age family becomes increasingly important to me.

Care giving is characterized by empathy, a selfless generosity of spirit and a willingness to put the needs of others above our own. All parents are care givers. Later in life roles are often reversed and children care for their parents.

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate romantic love. When we are infatuated with someone we love them not as they are but as we imagine them to be. We unconsciously project all sorts of fantastic qualities onto our beloved making them larger than life. Infatuation tends to fade with time, familiarity and the intrusion of reality into our fantasy world.

A successful marriage incorporates all of these kinds of love into a single complex organism with lots of moving parts. It takes a concerted effort and tender loving care to make it work. Those of us who find a partner to love in this life are extremely fortunate. We put thoughts of perfection aside because we see each other as human beings rather than abstract ideals. We discover everything comes and goes in cycles. If things are a bit stormy one day we have faith that the sun will shine again the next. We support each other unconditionally through good times and bad. We know it is the person we return to every night who makes our house a home. 

I view a submissive’s love for his Mistress as a very special kind of romantic love. It usually involves some form of service on the part of the submissive to the dominant and tends to be pretty intense. Idealized romantic love thrives in a D/s relationship because D/s is based on fantasy. While subbie love is a bit too narrow and specific to define most long term relationships I have found that it can help keep the romantic spark in a long term relationship alive.

Any sub who has found someone that understands him and loves him for who he is should thank his lucky stars. I know because I do every day. You may or may not ever find your perfect Mistress. She may exist only in your imagination. What you may find instead is a companion to love and share the rest of your life with. That is one of the great joys that has made my life worth living.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

To Peg Or Not To Peg

Her Majesty and I very much enjoyed the episode of Broad City we stumbled on tonight. It begins with an awkward and hilarious miscommunication.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Her Majesty Paints Her Masterpiece

When Her Majesty entered the bedroom it was decked out like a Turkish bordello. A stain glass moorish light hung from a beam in the ceiling bathing the room in warm diffuse colors. Her canes were laid out on the bed arranged in size order.  I was naked and in position with my butt pointed toward the door. Her Majesty entered the room wearing a hooded blue robe that made her look like a druid priestess.

“I see you’re ready to get right down to business!” she observed with a chuckle. Her Majesty chose one of the longer Dragon canes slicing the air with it a couple of times.  Then she cut me in the sweet spot between my ass and my upper thighs making me gasp. There was a brief pause then a second stroke landed on top of the first. I moaned and surrendered to the sweet sinking feeling in my belly. Her Majesty put down the first cane and chose another one.

“I like the small ones best” she said. “They give me the most room to maneuver.” With that she picked out the smallest Dragon Cane and began caning my ass vigerously.  All was silent save the woosh and swat of the cane and my involuntary gasps and moans. The little Dragon Cane has a merciless bite. I tried my best to count the strokes as the stinging whip rose and fell. Afraid she was drifting up towards my lower back I asked her to please strike me lower.

“Lower?”  She said mercilessly cutting me across my upper thighs.

“Yes please Ma’am!” I managed to blurt out.

“Did you say lower?” she mocked, cruelly caning the backs of my legs.

“Oh no please Ma’am!” I cried.

“Don’t tell me what to do! I know exactly what I’m doing!”

“Oh yes Ma’am! Oh please have mercy!” I begged.

She resumed caning the middle of my buttocks bringing the cane down in a volley of fire that covered my ass with thin red stripes. I was flying, soaring above the pain like a lost balloon. I watched in the mirror as Her Majesty painted a latticework of thin red lines across the cheeks my ass. I counted 103 strokes in all but I think I missed a few in the beginning.

“There are red marks all over your ass.” She said putting down the cane. I knew what was coming next.

“This one is my favorite!” said Her Majesty choosing a sleek red dildo from the credenza.

“The black one is new” I chirped hopefully, bending over the bed like a truck stop whore.

“Yes I know” she replied. “I don’t like the black one so much.” I heard lube squirting from a bottle and felt it dripping down the crack of my ass. Rubber gloved fingers invaded me, probing me and stretching me out. I felt Her Majesty’s favorite dildo slip into my ass pushing deep inside me and opening me up like a flower. I groaned with exquisite pleasure and surrendered to her as she pushed past the point of no return filling me all the way up.  She hit my sweet spot again and again sending shockwaves of agonizing pleasure shooting from my prostate up to my brain.

“Thank you Ma’am” I sobbed with ecstatic gratitude.

Like any great artist Her Majesty knows which tools she likes best and exactly how to use them. I am merely the canvas on which she paints her masterpiece.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Long Overdue - Conclusion

I heard a whoosh as the lash descended from above striking the sweet spot above my upper thighs. The lightning flash of agony made me cry out.

“Shhh! The walls here are thin!” instructed Katherine with an amused chuckle.

A second lash descended crisscrossing the first. I tried unsuccessfully to choke back a scream.

“Quiet!” she growled sternly. “Don’t make me tell you again!” She stepped on the back of my neck and pushed my face into the carpet with her high heeled shoe.

The whip stung like a nest of hornets and was heavy enough to leave a deep lingering ache. Katherine picked up the pace. I did my best to surrender and hold still as the cruel whip rose and fell. A shudder ran through my body as she took a break to run her cool fingers over my bruised cheeks.

“Mmmm. They’re hot to the touch” she observed approvingly. “Stand up” she ordered bringing me back to the moment. I slowly rose to my feet feeling slightly wobbly.

“Walk to the window”, she instructed.

I hobbled to the window. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. Katherine pulled back the drapes with a dramatic flourish revealing hundreds of windows staring back at me like hungry eyes. Midtown Manhattan spread out beneath us; a cacophony of light and sound shut out by thick shatterproof glass. Far below traffic crawled through crowded streets. My eyes desperately scanned the windows of the buildings across the street but I didn’t see anyone staring back at me.

“This is your coming out party Mitch!” exclaimed Katherine. “That secret you’ve been keeping bottled up for so long is going to be exposed for all the world to see!”

She took my chin in her hand, looked into my eyes and touched her mouth to mine lingering to tenderly bite my lower lip. I felt her sheer nylon stockings gently brush my cock and balls as if by accident.

“How do you feel?” she asked running her fingers down my cheek.

“I feel stoned!” I heard myself say. “Like I just climbed Mount Everest tripping.”

“Ha ha! That’s wonderful. Go with that feeling!!”

Katherine stepped back. I braced myself. The whip cut me across the buttocks in a long arc spanning from left to right. Then it fell again this time from right to left. I whimpered but held my position. “Celebrate your submission! Don’t be ashamed!!” She said bringing the lash down again

Outside the windows stared back at us drinking it all in. I was flying now. Katherine came up behind me and pressed her lips to my ear.

“Have you ever been fucked up the ass Mitch?” she whispered seductively. The pressure of her breath in my ear made goosebumps erupt on my flesh.

“N-no Ma’am.” I stammered, fear rising in the pit of my stomach.

“Don’t be afraid. I am going to be very gentle with you because this is your first time. Are you ready?”

“Y-yes Ma’am!” I whispered. The words caught in my throat.

“Good boy. Put your hands against the glass.”

I pressed my hands against the window. Seconds later I felt a viscous liquid trickle down the crack of my ass. I gasped with surprise as a slippery rubber gloved finger pushed inside of me. Another finger joined the first opening me up and stretching me out. I moaned softly.

“I have to prepare you Mitch. You wouldn’t want me to fuck you with no warm up would you?”

“N-no Ma’am..”

I felt the dildo press up against me. The head slipped inside. I cried out as the long thick shaft followed.

“Shhhh. Take it for me!” Katherine whispered in my ear.

She pushed the rest of her silicone cock all the way in filling me up completely.

“Thank you Ma’am!” I sobbed; desperately trying to absorb it’s enormous girth.

“You’re welcome darling. Such a good boy!” she whispered, her voice husky with excitement.

Outside the windows looked on. The bustle of the city continued as it would on any normal afternoon. Traffic moved and people strolled along the sidewalks. Life went on as usual but I was forever changed.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Long Overdue - Part 3

I stood up. She gave me the once over.

“Take off your jacket.”

I removed my jacket and hung it over the back of a chair.

“Now your tie.”

I nervously undid the knot of my tie and draped it over my jacket.

“Shoes and socks”

I clumsily untied my shoe laces, removed my shoes, stuffed them with my socks and shoved them under a chair.

“Are you a good dancer?”

“Not really Ma’am. I have two left feet.”

“Oh well.” she said with a smile. “That probably can’t be helped”. Katherine reached over and pressed play on her Iphone. It was attached to a small pair of portable speakers. Raucous, brassy burlesque show music filled the room. 

“Strip” she commanded. Her smile was so wide now her face could barely contain it. I looked into her eyes hoping for a reprieve. There was none to be found

“Take it off. I don’t have all day.”

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, clumsily moving my hips in time to the music. I peeled it off and let it fall to the floor.

“Work it baby!” she exclaimed laughing. Apparently my performance had comedic value if nothing else. Slowly unzipping my pants I let them fall around my ankles. I stepped out of them and kicked them away.

“Very nice! Satin briefs!” observed Katherine with an approving chuckle. She took a dollar bill from her purse and stuffed it down the front of my shorts.

“Now off with them!” she commanded. She wasn’t laughing anymore.

I peeled off my briefs and stood nude before her. She appraised me coolly as if taking inventory. Then she switched off the music.

“Turn around.”

I turned around slowly. The silence was abruptly shattered when Katherine brought the palm of her hand down on my ass with a loud smack. I cried out more with surprise than from pain.

“Better get used to it. Your ass is going to be well used tonight.” Her fingers gently explored the contours of my butt then worked their way up to my belly.

“A little chubby but not too bad.” she observed. “I can tell you work out but I’m still going to put you on a diet and exercise program.”

Katherine took my balls in her hand and squeezed. Her touch was a high voltage shock rippling through my nervous system. An involuntary groan escaped my lips. My cock swelled with gratitude.

“These and and every other part of your body belong to me from now on whenever we are together. Understand?”

“Y-yes Ma’am!” I stammered.

“Good boy. Kneel and kiss my shoes.”

The intoxicating smell of high quality leather filled my senses as I knelt to kiss her black Louboutin pumps.

“Lick” she softly commanded. They were dirty from being worn out on the street but I didn’t care. I eagerly ran my tongue over the toes of her shoes. I licked along the sides, dutifully polishing one shoe then the other. She lifted her feet so I could clean the bright red bottoms.

“Suck” she instructed bringing one of her stiletto heels to my lips. I took it gratefully into my mouth and sucked on it like a cock. She kicked me lightly in the balls with her other foot making me jump.

“No dripping on the carpet!” she chuckled.

She slipped her stockinged foot out of her shoe and pressed it against my nose and lips. “Kiss” she whispered seductively. I kissed the bottom of her foot deliriously inhaling the faint odor of sweat.

“Suck” she commanded, pushing her toes into my mouth. I sucked on them enthusiastically until her stocking was soaking wet. She pushed her foot further down my throat making me gag.

“Good boy” she purred slipping her foot back into her shoe. She reached into a large black hand bag and produced a short whip made of supple black leather. It looked well used.

“This is my favorite whip.” she said “It was handmade in Spain; another present from an old friend of mine.”

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To Be Continued...